Am I “obsessed” with sex or “passionate” and “in love with it?” (the first of a new series of blog posts about my insecurities, curiosities, and fascinations regarding sex)

Am I obsessed with sex or am I passionate about and in love with it? Well, this depends on how you are defining the terms. The Oxford English Dictionary provides, I believe, the most flexible of dictionary definitions for the word “obsessed”: In the sense that my mind is “filled” with thoughts about sex, I […]

Erotic daydream about talking ‘dirty’ and feeling attractive on the inside and outside (erotic; rough draft)

“You’re so fucking hot, and I fucking want you so bad!” Enya Saari said. “Lately I’ve been reading your poetry a lot, and it makes me so fucking wet! I even get myself off reading it sometimes. I want to see what you look and sound like when you cum. I want you to cum […]

“Trying to concretize abstract thoughts (Balance) # 2: Escape from the black holes of the purely abstract”

The mind is so mystical. It’s the basis of experience, memory, contemplation and imagination… Music stopped playing and yet, as Percy Shelley wrote, it “vibrates in the memory.”  Trippy, like how that Shelley line just transpires in my consciousness, as if my mind simply emitted it, as if I could feel my wife’s kiss and […]

Whiskey #2: an affirmation/mantra/prayer

I suppose it’s a feeling of increasing power that I seek. Isn’t that what Nietzsche would say? (Ah, Whiskey, I remember reading Nietzsche’s Will to Power in the nice, steaming bath, while devouring you, thinking I was so fucking chic, so not nihilistic.) But not power as such, but eudaimonic well-being, self-actualization, self-transcendence, some sort […]

” ‘Dreaming On’ (One ‘Starry Night,’ Waiting For That ‘New York Minute’ When ‘Everything Can Change”– a flash fiction)(Friday, September 4th, 2020)

*This piece is dedicated to that most poetic community of artists & artists in spirit who currently or who have ever wished, hoped, & prayed to make a comfortable living exclusively on the profits of her or his art, same as a business person does from what her or his business earns, same as the […]

MEDITATION (a prose poem; from the 6/25/20 draft)

The Power of the Figurative Listening to Andy Puddicombe’s Headspace app (as if crucial to escaping the pollution of thoughts and feelings that wrap me in an excessively humid trap) as he…. guides… us beginner listeners (theoretically, as these particular recordings are designed for beginners, but I don’t know who happens to listen to them […]