Erotic film actress Heidi Switch makes porn and body image deeper (and promotes more ethics)

“Put yourself on the pedestal,” said “adult performer” (what do actresses and actors in XXX movies prefer to be called? “Porn star?” “Adult film actress/actor?” “erotica entertainer?” Wikipedia—which I always hate to cite, but is a fine enough source for this context—lists “pornographic film actor/actress, adult entertainer, porn star” and lists “actor” and “sex worker” […]

On Polyamory: part 3 (a variation on part 1)

On  Polyamory: part 3 (a variation on part 1) Maybe it was an auditory hallucination resulting from my sexual frustration and wishful imagination, but the moaning and sexual phrases I thought I heard a neighbor of mine scream (presumably in the midst of fucking and/or making love) blazed through nerves with extreme intensity, like New […]

On polyamory: part 2– Some observations on sexual attraction

On polyamory: part 2— Some observations on sexual attraction    A girl once called me ugly.[1] Fifteen or so years later, the remark still bugs me. Sometimes, when a woman attracts me, I think “she’d never fuck me![2]” And then I fall into hate with my face, and physics, and fate for damning me with […]

Investing more in my love, foundations, & fundamentals (Monday, August 17th, 2020)

It just occurs to me: my anxiety is so embedded and in some respects so unconscious that in the midst of certain activities, like reading my emails, I race to complete them as quickly as possible as if chores as opposed to meaningful life to-do’s. I’m reading my emails this morning with unusual relaxation this […]

Sexual Orientation, Philosophy, & Evidence (Friday, July 24th, 2020)

The Role of Philosophy in Forming Certain Sexual Thoughts, Feelings, Desires, and Speculations One reason it’s so hard for some of us to think about and discuss sex openly and comfortably, I suspect (and I emphasize the word “suspect”; just like the cops identify someone as a suspect but can’t yet compile quite enough EVIDENCE […]

How was I to deal with these thoughts and feelings I could not condemn or “reason” away with science? (Thursday, July 23rd, 2020)

1. Simply Being Aware of Thoughts, Feelings, and Desires Have you ever asked yourself (weird as this question may seem to some of you) “do I REALLY think what I THINK I think? Haha. By the way– does that make any sense to you?   More concretely (or at least as sort of concrete as […]

My Grandmother’s Final Lesson, My Lies About Polyamory and Monogamy… (Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020)

The plot of last night’s nightmare revolved around my grandmother’s last few hours on a bed in the hospital. Similar to the view she appeared to hold and express the last time I saw her (in real life) and in fact the last year or maybe last few years, she did not fear dying and […]