On polyamory: part 2– Some observations on sexual attraction

On polyamory: part 2— Some observations on sexual attraction    A girl once called me ugly.[1] Fifteen or so years later, the remark still bugs me. Sometimes, when a woman attracts me, I think “she’d never fuck me![2]” And then I fall into hate with my face, and physics, and fate for damning me with […]

Uttering the “F Word” While Searching for the Fruitful Knowledge-Apples From Trees of Mistakes (Saturday, August 1st, 2020)

One of the most negative thoughts that sometimes overpowers my capacities for reasoning, conferring with basic philosophical principles such as compassion (which in my view one owes to one’s self if one is to offer it to others with any effectiveness) and the optimistic framing of perspective that reiterates life’s and the universe’s (and/or multiverse’s?) […]

In Pursuit of ‘Making Something of Myself'” (Monday, July 27th, 2020)

The following is NOT an advertisement: I’m drinking “Allegro” coffee—the organic Early Bird Blend. Allegro describes its taste as “mellow, cocoa, and roasted nuts”; I’m glad they described it because I lack talent in describing tastes and scents. At least most of the time. When whiskey and wine have a good spiciness or when wine […]

July 16th, 2020–my first entry in my new public/open online diary–which despite immense insecurity I found the nerve to write and share on this post

I would love to feel and think and act with less self-evisceration. Here is just one example. Yesterday I was thinking about journaling and then sharing the entry with you here on my blog however, I resisted because I feared that a stream-of-consciousness-ish approach to self-reflection, introspection, et cetera, that one would share… with “the […]