Erectile dysfunction/wood trouble in young men: some of my experiences and reflections

So far as I can recall, back in 2006, treatment for young men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (such as services provided by Roman [or Ro, as the company sometimes refers to itself] ,wasn’t advertised on any mainstream platforms as they are now on television commercials and Facebook ads. References to Viagra might have made you […]

The fear of death and living life in vain

…The fear of death and living life in vain… even to say it, as I sit here, at my desk, which is like my own private Star Trek holodeck, and flight deck/cockpit, where I figuratively “fly” to and/or through my abstract thoughts—like planets and their moons–, feelings—like looming changes in gravitational forces, brightness and dimness […]

Tornado Watch, Meanwhile I think I may be a ‘Highly Sensitive Person’ (HSP) (Tuesday, August 4th, 2020)

I suppose the headline conversation along the East Coast is Tropical Storm Isaias. It’s the top homepage story on The headline reads: “Tropical Storm Isaias to blast N.J. with up to 75 mph wind gusts, heavy rain. Latest update on timing, track.” Of specific concern is the tornado watch The U.S. National […]

Too much CBD oil made me awfully, terribly paranoid (Monday, August 3rd, 2020)

*[Due to having been a touch “out of it” when this entry was originally written I thought it prudent to go through it and just make sure I didn’t swerve into the utterly incoherent as I strive for quite the opposite when I write.]* [At approximately 7:45 am- 8:00 am—ish]: Notes. Policy. Got to make […]