On Polyamory: part 3 (a variation on part 1)

On  Polyamory: part 3 (a variation on part 1) Maybe it was an auditory hallucination resulting from my sexual frustration and wishful imagination, but the moaning and sexual phrases I thought I heard a neighbor of mine scream (presumably in the midst of fucking and/or making love) blazed through nerves with extreme intensity, like New […]

My Grandmother’s Final Lesson, My Lies About Polyamory and Monogamy… (Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020)

The plot of last night’s nightmare revolved around my grandmother’s last few hours on a bed in the hospital. Similar to the view she appeared to hold and express the last time I saw her (in real life) and in fact the last year or maybe last few years, she did not fear dying and […]