On compatibilism/soft determinism and consciousness

On Compatibilism/Soft Determinism and Consciousness For love, and beauty, and delight There is no death nor change: their might Exceeds our organs—which endure No light—being themselves obscure -Percy Shelley; The Sensitive Plant Often, while meditating, trying to calm my overstimulated body and mind, trembly, bone deep…as if I took amphetamines, it seems like my unconscious […]

On cathartic, descriptive mindfulness and compression; or version #2 of ‘Internet compressed maximalism part 1…’

“On cathartic, descriptive mindfulness and compression or version #2 of ‘Internet compressed maximalism part 1…’” The ultimate horizon that just keeps reaching further and deeper; space, time, and motion expanding, increasing– near- infinity, near-eternity… And although I do hope to keep my mind open to it, I realize one can indeed overdo it; “The Paradox […]

‘Internet compressed maximalism,’ part 1 (if the term isn’t yet coined); also known as ‘On chronic indecisiveness version # 2)

“ ‘Internet-compressed maximalism,’ part 1, (if the term isn’t yet coined[1]); also known as ‘On chronic indecisiveness-version #2’” *I dedicate this poem to Dr. Rosa Soto, Ben Nobuto, Dr. Stefano Eroclino, Nick Levey, Dr. Martha Witt, Dr. John Parras, Professor Christopher Salerno, Dr. Phillip Cioffari, and Dr. Leonard Winogora who encouraged and assisted my attempts […]

A lad (or is he a ‘bloke?’) hopes life can reach near Utopia. (Version #2 of -‘Dreaming on’ one ‘Starry Night’ Waiting for that ‘New York Minute’ when ‘Everything Can Change b/c ‘It’s Better Than Drinking Alone’- (Bernards, NJ, b/t Wed. Sept 16th & 18th, 2020)

Bernards, NJ; between Wednesday, September 16th  & 18th, 2020: A lad (or is he a “bloke?”) hopes life can reach a near Utopia. (Version #2 of ‘Dreaming On’ [1]One ‘Starry Night’ Waiting for that ‘New York Minute’ When ‘Everything Can Change’ b/c ‘It’s Better Than Drinking Alone’” *Dedicated to Dr. Martha Witt, Aime Sanchez, Meagan […]

Physics (Saturday, September 12th, 2020)

“Physics” About bloody fucking time,he thought,that his brilliantinvestment—his entirelife’s savings!—yielded anyprofit but… as Bob Dylan sings in his song “Idiot Wind,” “I can’t help itif I’m lucky,”& so… neither could he “help it…”……neither when his “blood, sweat, & tears”free-fell meanly (so it seemed) in vainnor when hefinallyreached the “critical mass,” “tipping point,” & “struck gold”& […]

*I* am the ‘piano’ man; *i* am the sultan of swing; A sense of SOUL: intelligence; especially the emotions of ‘interest’ and ‘love’ (Friday, August 21st, 2020)

Thou shalt not engage in social media communication at bed time (and especially not if one is especially tired and/or mixing that context with alcohol!) for one may wake up thinking “oh fuck, did I really say that? Can’t I just press delete and pretend I never did? What the hell was I thinking? Or […]

two passages from “I; From Self Awareness to Esteem to Actualization in Solitude and in Good Company (i.e., in and out of episodes of loneliness)”

These passages are from a prosimetrum I’m writing, essentially, about self esteem and self actualization both from philosophical and psychological points of view especially. Along with two verses I’m also including the epigraph and the prologue… “What is unique about the ‘I’ hides itself exactly in what is unimaginable about a person. All we are […]