On cathartic, descriptive mindfulness and compression; or version #2 of ‘Internet compressed maximalism part 1…’

“On cathartic, descriptive mindfulness and compression or version #2 of ‘Internet compressed maximalism part 1…’” The ultimate horizon that just keeps reaching further and deeper; space, time, and motion expanding, increasing– near- infinity, near-eternity… And although I do hope to keep my mind open to it, I realize one can indeed overdo it; “The Paradox […]

Why blog, music I’m into lately, my prose-poetry thought/experiment…

WHY BLOG Right now I am blogging as a means of thinking out loud. Every have one of those days when thoughts seem to be storming from every direction really fast? Racing thoughts. Plus, sometimes caffeine has a stronger than usual effect, plus, actually I got a good night’s sleep last night! And so right […]