On compatibilism/soft determinism and consciousness

On Compatibilism/Soft Determinism and Consciousness For love, and beauty, and delight There is no death nor change: their might Exceeds our organs—which endure No light—being themselves obscure -Percy Shelley; The Sensitive Plant Often, while meditating, trying to calm my overstimulated body and mind, trembly, bone deep…as if I took amphetamines, it seems like my unconscious […]

Opening myself up to receiving (Sunday, August 9th, 2020)

I was on hold with TD Bank for 19 minutes hoping to obtain some information regarding a “pending transaction.” Then I spoke with a kind lady named Becky. It’s interesting that I did not fully understand the bank’s definition of “pending” transaction. I assumed (I must stop doing that… as much as possible anyway) “pending” […]