“Enya Saari Interviewing a Man She’s Interested in Turning Into a ‘Porn Star’” (an erotic flash fiction)

She’s interviewing me on Skype for her next pornographic film. “I’m going to make you rich!” (and herself richer), she says. “A fucking porn star!” Ha! Not that I believe her. First of all, Stardom overall… is dead. And there’s something bittersweet about it: less inequality, more opportunities. More opportunities, however, means an over-saturation into […]

Erotic daydream about talking ‘dirty’ and feeling attractive on the inside and outside (erotic; rough draft)

“You’re so fucking hot, and I fucking want you so bad!” Enya Saari said. “Lately I’ve been reading your poetry a lot, and it makes me so fucking wet! I even get myself off reading it sometimes. I want to see what you look and sound like when you cum. I want you to cum […]

On Polyamory: part 3 (a variation on part 1)

On  Polyamory: part 3 (a variation on part 1) Maybe it was an auditory hallucination resulting from my sexual frustration and wishful imagination, but the moaning and sexual phrases I thought I heard a neighbor of mine scream (presumably in the midst of fucking and/or making love) blazed through nerves with extreme intensity, like New […]

How was I to deal with these thoughts and feelings I could not condemn or “reason” away with science? (Thursday, July 23rd, 2020)

1. Simply Being Aware of Thoughts, Feelings, and Desires Have you ever asked yourself (weird as this question may seem to some of you) “do I REALLY think what I THINK I think? Haha. By the way– does that make any sense to you?   More concretely (or at least as sort of concrete as […]

sketch of discourses on polyamory & monogamy from “Erotophilia”

A Deeper Look Into the Psychology of Contemplating a Theory “What did he look for in them? What attracted him to them? Isn’t making love merely an eternal repetition of the same? Not at all. There is always the small part that is unimaginable. When he saw a woman in her clothes, he could naturally […]