Addressing the intimidation I feel when writing to women I admire, such as Paulita Pappel, Amanda Montell, and Erika Lust. (experimenting with a more diaristic and extemporaneous style)

Yesterday, I wrote an email to erotic film director Erika Lust, expressing my interest in writing for her Lustzine. Ms. Lust is the second “big name” in ethical porn I’ve reached out to since I’ve decided to seek work in a role that helps me contribute to sex-positive professionals. Last weekend, I reached out to […]

On wanting to be a rich prosimetrist or ‘physics #2’ or ‘a third iteration of a sketch of a philanthropist reflecting on being rich’ (Bernards, NJ; between Monday, September 21st and Friday, October 9th, 2020)

Bernards New Jersey, Between Monday, September 21st and Friday, October 9th, 2020 “On wanting to be a rich prosimetrist or ‘physics #2’ or ‘a third iteration of a first sketch of a philanthropist reflecting on being rich’” For Ashley How surprisingly exciting! For the first time in my 21 years or so[1] of creative writing […]

” ‘Dreaming On’ (One ‘Starry Night,’ Waiting For That ‘New York Minute’ When ‘Everything Can Change”– a flash fiction)(Friday, September 4th, 2020)

*This piece is dedicated to that most poetic community of artists & artists in spirit who currently or who have ever wished, hoped, & prayed to make a comfortable living exclusively on the profits of her or his art, same as a business person does from what her or his business earns, same as the […]

“Let’s get down to business I don’t got no time to play around what is this (Eminem)”; “We be taking care of business” (Randy Bachman) — I.e., “Mixing Business & Pleasure” & Art! (Tuesday, August 25th, 2020)

To be an money making artist who keeps his soul When entrenched in my “artist role” often any thought of theoretical business savvy shakes me up in distressing way thus interfering in my conquest for getting paid nice for my hard work.(And, as I believe I’ve mentioned before, since childhood the belief that art is […]

Hopefully tomorrow (Monday, August 24th, 2020)

Spent much of the day polishing my introductory essay: “My Aesthetics of Internetism & Self Improvement, i.e., An Introduction to my Diary Blog.” Lost track of time. I meant to alternate back and forth between revising a little here and there and noting here thoughts based on those revisions. Usually I finish a post by…latest […]

Project ideation for improving internet Presence (Sunday, August 23rd, 2020)

I began my first readings on web development/design coding: HTML code, courtesy of the Mimo App. [1] It did teach certain basics, such as the concepts of “opening tag” and “closing tag”; “element,” “body of a webpage,” “empty tag,” and heading options as well as how to code italics and bold. My only first impression […]

Exploring slogan creation and north west-ish New Jersey (Saturday, August 22nd, 2020)

Might my slogan benefit from yet more clarity? “the diary as a literary genre; self improvement focused introspection and constructive, humanistic extrospection for motifs” For example, is a self-improvement focus not crucial to extrospection as much as introspection? Moreover, is self-improvement not constructive? One cannot quite improve that which is beyond one’s self without first […]

*I* am the ‘piano’ man; *i* am the sultan of swing; A sense of SOUL: intelligence; especially the emotions of ‘interest’ and ‘love’ (Friday, August 21st, 2020)

Thou shalt not engage in social media communication at bed time (and especially not if one is especially tired and/or mixing that context with alcohol!) for one may wake up thinking “oh fuck, did I really say that? Can’t I just press delete and pretend I never did? What the hell was I thinking? Or […]

Today I played the idiot, artist, & web designer (Thursday, August 20th, 2020)

“We’re idiots, babe It’s a wonder we can even feed ourselves” So sings Bob Dylan in his song “Idiot Wind” “I cannot rise above my lazy habit,” as Cesare Pavese wrote in his diary on October 11th, 1935. And just the day before he wrote: “there is a blind spot in my work…a material limitation […]

Investing more in my love, foundations, & fundamentals (Monday, August 17th, 2020)

It just occurs to me: my anxiety is so embedded and in some respects so unconscious that in the midst of certain activities, like reading my emails, I race to complete them as quickly as possible as if chores as opposed to meaningful life to-do’s. I’m reading my emails this morning with unusual relaxation this […]