Erectile dysfunction/wood trouble in young men: some of my experiences and reflections

So far as I can recall, back in 2006, treatment for young men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (such as services provided by Roman [or Ro, as the company sometimes refers to itself] ,wasn’t advertised on any mainstream platforms as they are now on television commercials and Facebook ads. References to Viagra might have made you […]

Paulita Pappel, Lustery, Ersties, and my corrective emotional experience concerning sex and porn

Paulita Pappel, Lustery, Ertsies and my corrective emotional experience concerning sex and porn Paulita Pappel, a 33 year old, Spanish, sex positive feminist filmmaker, pornographer, and founder of, and a force behind, profoundly changed the way I think and feel about love, sex, women, and pornography. I had an emotionally corrective experience I […]

Some thoughts on sexual frustration

“That sh*t is real! But it isn’t something you’ll see defined in a medical textbook.” –Gabrielle Kassel “Oftentimes we complain about being sexually frustrated as though it’s someone else’s job to address our feelings—it’s not,” –Shamyra Howard “The only way out is through” Alanis Morissette One can get so overwhelmingly horny (like sex itself, though […]

*I* am the ‘piano’ man; *i* am the sultan of swing; A sense of SOUL: intelligence; especially the emotions of ‘interest’ and ‘love’ (Friday, August 21st, 2020)

Thou shalt not engage in social media communication at bed time (and especially not if one is especially tired and/or mixing that context with alcohol!) for one may wake up thinking “oh fuck, did I really say that? Can’t I just press delete and pretend I never did? What the hell was I thinking? Or […]

Today I played the idiot, artist, & web designer (Thursday, August 20th, 2020)

“We’re idiots, babe It’s a wonder we can even feed ourselves” So sings Bob Dylan in his song “Idiot Wind” “I cannot rise above my lazy habit,” as Cesare Pavese wrote in his diary on October 11th, 1935. And just the day before he wrote: “there is a blind spot in my work…a material limitation […]

Why honesty really does tend to seem like “the best policy” ( Thursday, July 30th, 2020)

The idea that “honesty is the best policy” and that it is virtuous/ethical/moral/the “right” or “correct” or “proper” principle to adhere to—I tend to agree. In the midst of my agreement I can’t help but laugh about it because there’s the more abstract and esoteric engagement with the principle—you know, those lists we keep in […]

When Containing Multitudes Feels Overwhelming and Flirting with Some Psychiatric/Neurological/Pharmacological Articles (Tuesday, July 28th, 2020)

As I suggested might benefit my chronic, life-long struggles to commit to a career advancement plan, I’ve been exploring records from various multimedia projects and recordings I’ve undertaken in past years wondering which turns of thought would best indicate the nature of previously broken commitments. Yesterday I cited, rather abstractly “fear, worry, pessimism, frustration” as […]