On cathartic, descriptive mindfulness and compression; or version #2 of ‘Internet compressed maximalism part 1…’

“On cathartic, descriptive mindfulness and compression or version #2 of ‘Internet compressed maximalism part 1…’” The ultimate horizon that just keeps reaching further and deeper; space, time, and motion expanding, increasing– near- infinity, near-eternity… And although I do hope to keep my mind open to it, I realize one can indeed overdo it; “The Paradox […]

‘Internet compressed maximalism,’ part 1 (if the term isn’t yet coined); also known as ‘On chronic indecisiveness version # 2)

“ ‘Internet-compressed maximalism,’ part 1, (if the term isn’t yet coined[1]); also known as ‘On chronic indecisiveness-version #2’” *I dedicate this poem to Dr. Rosa Soto, Ben Nobuto, Dr. Stefano Eroclino, Nick Levey, Dr. Martha Witt, Dr. John Parras, Professor Christopher Salerno, Dr. Phillip Cioffari, and Dr. Leonard Winogora who encouraged and assisted my attempts […]