The Karate Kid Quits Karate To be a Movie Star, etc… (Monday, July 20, 2020)

I hope with storming intensity, as if (well, in my perhaps at times playfully hyperbolic micro- daydreams) if it were the Earth’s introduction to water… (In the Scientific American article written by  “Everyday Einstein Sabrina Stierwalt” on October 6, 2019—“How Did Water Get on Earth?” the theory explored is that an asteroid or comet, […]

Struggling to commit to a career…another one of my “phases”(Sunday, July 19th, 2020; 8:57 AM to 11:44 AM EDT)

I believe that one of my greatest strengths—a willingness to play the advocatus diaboli ( Latin for Devil’s Advocate) also is one my greatest weaknesses, making me vulnerable to abandoning, quitting on a proclaimed “dreams,” career aspirations, passions, long term career goals, potential fields of expertise; a handful of those close to me who also […]

Best pathways, neural and other?– journal– Friday, July 17th, 2020

As you may see from yesterday’s post, for at least the time being, I’ve taken to a more focused and elaborate commitment to journaling, the most forceful and impactful inspiration being the neurologist Tara Swart and her book The Source.  (A book by the way that seems to me so crucial to read for its […]