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“Enya Saari Interviewing a Man She’s Interested in Turning Into a ‘Porn Star’” (an erotic flash fiction)

She’s interviewing me on Skype for her next pornographic film. “I’m going to make you rich!” (and herself richer), she says. “A fucking porn star!” Ha! Not that I believe her. First of all, Stardom overall… is dead. And there’s something bittersweet about it: less inequality, more opportunities. More opportunities, however, means an over-saturation into […]

Vanessa & Emile talk before their date to the zoo (Tuesday, June 23, 2020)

Prayer, meditation, music, dance and flight all together as the very core and seeds of my electric spirituality—how could there be any other resort he should like to explore and contribute a little cartography to than human sexuality in all it’s diverse paths to celebrating the massage dreams of the soul?     Speaking of music, the […]

Geographical Preference

Jewel and Israel were on their third date, driving from East Windsor to Ocean Grove in Israel’s new, red 2015 Volkswagen GTI. He lamented letting go of his dark green 1997 Saturn S Series SW 2. What an irrational attachment to that vehicle he had—even to the name, “Saturn”; like the Mercury cars, it made […]

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