On Humor (from 11/8/19)

1          Humor and Bigotry I chuckled recently at an ethnic joke and quickly regretted it. Certainly, I have no consciously bigoted sentiments towards any “type” of person. Even towards those who we call “evil” I think: “forgive them of their sins, they know not what they do,” and thus oppose extreme acts of “vengeance” such […]

On Mountains (part 1) (written 10/12/19)

“I want to stand with you on a mountain” -Daniel Jones & Darren Hayes (Savage Garden) What I believe is my earliest memory begins in the ocean (or was it a bay, a sea, or a gulf? I haven’t the slightest idea regarding the scene’s specifics; I know it’s not one of the Great Lakes […]

On People (from 10/5/19)

“Life being too short to give instances great enough of true friendship or good will…” –Richard Steele; An Hour or Two Sacred to Sorrow  The evil and apathy within some corrupted people has on occasion compelled me to flirt with misanthropy; this disdainful view I held concerning human nature, like a snake, lingered, slowly crawling […]

On the Dire Straits (part 1)(from autumn 2019)

[A BRIEF NOTE ON THE ESSAY –7/11/20– One of the weird yet interesting elements of reexamining thoughts as one evolves is that indeed, though in terms of degree and intensity or lack there of, it will vary, we evolve and sometimes we catch specific thoughts we come to regret in hindsight. In the context of […]

On the Summer of 2019 (an essay from just short of a year ago)

ON THE SUMMER OF 2019 The summer of 2019 is almost over now. “Time is a jet plane/it moves too fast,” as Bob Dylan puts it. Overlooking the sadness or nostalgia we sometimes feel in response to our awareness that life simply happens then ends, and that thus, experiences do not and cannot “happen again” […]

On Driving

These last few months, I’m driving significantly more than I ever used to and for the most part I quite love it.  The only major exception is my susceptibility to exceptional eye strain.   (In the fall of 2018 when I finally developed a conviction that I had some kind of undiagnosed eye problem, my new […]

About the essays

“The twists and turns of a thought process working itself out… tracking the consciousness of the author….glorious thought excursions”– these are some of personal essayist Philip Lopate’s descriptions of what an essay is.

The essays featured here are, at least as of now, are personal essays, however, I’m not excluding the option to write less directly personal, more general non-fiction and/or academic in the future.

If you happen to be wondering why my essays from my sex column The Sapiosexual Erotophile I’ve decided to keep them separate and together since they’re all about the same subject.

My favorite essayists– those who most influence the way I write my essays, include: Phillip Lopate, Michel de Montaigne, David Foster Wallace, Susan Sontag, Leslie Jamison, James Baldwin

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