Erotic daydream about talking ‘dirty’ and feeling attractive on the inside and outside (erotic; rough draft)

“You’re so fucking hot, and I fucking want you so bad!” Enya Saari said.

“Lately I’ve been reading your poetry a lot, and it makes me so fucking wet!

I even get myself off reading it sometimes.

I want to see what you look and sound like when you cum.

I want you to cum to me cumming.

When this fucking pandemic ends

I want to give you the hottest fucking head

in my bed, and then on my couch.”

I told her “I want your pussy in my mouth.

“My cunt,” she said. “I like

calling it my cunt. Yeah? You want my fucking

cunt in your mouth?”

“I’ve been fucking dreaming about it

for months.”

“How much do you love jacking off to my videos?” she asked.

“Heaven on Earth, so to speak, but I want you for real, instead.”

“I want to take you to your first orgy. That’s

Heaven on Earth,

a sort of church,

just don’t get addicted,

or it loses its worth.”

“I’d be so nervous. What if I couldn’t keep it up?”

“So what? Worse comes to worse you just observe.

It’s not a fucking rumble, hun. Everyone wants everyone

to have fun, make love, cum…plus…I’ll be your guide,

and stick by your side the whole night. I’ll teach you

how to feel less uptight, I’ll teach you how to fuck

with extra might, how to stop yourself right before you cum,

and I’ll teach you how to get it hard again so you can fuck more.

All the women will adore you. I’m fucking sure of it!”

“You’re very generous and sweet,” I told Enya.

“Well, I love the way you listen to me when I keep talking and talking.

Our relationship is very symbiotic. And erotic,” she said, biting her lip a little bit.

“Will you write poetry about it? Our relationship? Our orgies?”

“Of course!” I said. “Erotic 21st century poetry for the horny reader!”

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