Whiskey #2: an affirmation/mantra/prayer

I suppose it’s a feeling of increasing power that I seek.

Isn’t that what Nietzsche would say?

(Ah, Whiskey, I remember reading Nietzsche’s

Will to Power in the nice, steaming bath,

while devouring you, thinking I was so fucking

chic, so not nihilistic.)

But not power as such, but eudaimonic well-being,

self-actualization, self-transcendence,

some sort of harmony with existence/the universe.

Does this hope

make nature’s unfairness easier for all to cope with?

Should I just pray more?

Well, anyway, there will always be pain

and strain,

but I think a better way

to explain the great challenge of navigating

one’s mind with positivity/optimism, through the craziness, it is to say

“there’s always more to gain.”

Maybe that seems like some sort of over-simplification.

It’s not like it does away

with mortality

and those corrupted with immorality,

and the hauntings and limits of reality,

but… to the best of my ability,

if I can align my movements

with constant improvements

like saying “I can do this”

I can stop drinking you, whiskey.

Yes. Reducing anxiety is tricky.

Certain things just don’t happen so quickly,

just by sprinkling magical pixie dust.

Yet other times it’s just amazing how

a new “now” can just happen with the snap of a finger,

blink of an eye, and meanwhile

I’ll do all I can to let the good times linger

and be real kind to my precious liver.

Goodbye, whiskey, good riddance.

Don’t miss me. I won’t miss you. I hope.

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