“Trying to concretize abstract thoughts (Balance) # 2: Escape from the black holes of the purely abstract”

The mind is so mystical.

It’s the basis

of experience, memory, contemplation and imagination…

Music stopped playing

and yet, as Percy Shelley wrote, it “vibrates in the memory.” 

Trippy, like how that Shelley line just transpires in my consciousness,

as if my mind simply emitted it,

as if

I could feel

my wife’s kiss and see her hot pink lipstick,

smell and taste the apple cinnamon lip gloss…

I try not to hate the trippiness of it and how

Behaviorist, deterministic, and dissociated

I feel whenever I think

about “the mind.”

I know, so many adjectives and abstractions.

I really do sometimes feel trapped

in the abstract—The black holes of nearly pure abstraction.

Ironically concrete phrasing, wouldn’t you say? Gotta love that irony!

So, I seek to concretize my way out of these black holes of abstraction.

But sometimes for me


just can’t seem to permeate my mind

even when I find some tangible thing interesting;

it’s like I just can’t bring myself to focus

on concretes. It’s like I’m blind

even though

I know to “stop and smell

the roses” and appreciate

the visual beauty

which the mysterious creativity

of the universe composes…

So…let me experiment, what

within my sight strikes me

as the most interesting thing to write about?

The light…

(especially the stars at night!)

in general.

…(as I laugh

at how the abstract,

the general,

Finds its way back

into my thoughts…)

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