On cathartic, descriptive mindfulness and compression; or version #2 of ‘Internet compressed maximalism part 1…’

“On cathartic, descriptive mindfulness and compression or version #2 of ‘Internet compressed maximalism part 1…’”

The ultimate horizon

that just keeps reaching

further and deeper;

space, time, and motion

expanding, increasing–

near- infinity, near-eternity…

And although I do hope to keep my mind open to it,

I realize one can indeed overdo it;

“The Paradox of Choice”

as the title of Dr. Barry Schwartz’s book adroitly

phrased the over-inundation

of information explaining to us all the different ways

we can “seize the day,”

so to speak,

all the different careers we can pick, then narrow it down to a niche,

–not mere since fiction, but more specifically, “cyber punk”–

all the different places we can live:

the city, the countryside, or by the beach;

more free, recently, to choose one’s own views on love and sexuality,

practice monogamy or polyamory,

identify as “he,” “she,” “ze,” or “sie”, et cetera,

and when it’s “me-time” should I shop, watch tv, listen to music or look at paintings,

which paintings? Gaston La Touche’s or Monet’s?

The overstimulation is just too much…far too much

for the human brain

to handle! Each possibility my mind imagines and tries to fathom

is like a swarm of bursting tsunamis

of mental gravity—

–so many clashing with and crashing into each other–

inducing vertigo and panic attacks,

ennui and mental fatigue,

mashing my consciousness into quick-sand, and to a most monotonous beat,

inhibiting me, such that I just sit here at my desk,

nauseas with malaise and oblivious, until…

until I begin describing it, describing it explicitly—

–like a mix of cathartically

speaking my mind,

practicing mindfulness,


And like when I clean up a mess,

it truly does reduce

my stress!  

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