Dear readers, listeners, &/or viewers, (between approximately Thursday, June 4th & Monday, September 14th, 2020)


Dear readers, listeners, &/or viewers,

As the brewer of this literary diary

that I present to society

I figured a brief introduction would serve the function  

of explaining the thinking behind this production,

its pieces of theoretical yet malleable meaning

verbally sketching how this or that was seeming

in between my contemplating & daydreaming

imagined shining diamond amulets of rhyme

(inspired after over a decade of Bob Dylan

on my mind, nearly all the time,

took the monotony out of many a car ride

between urban suburbs and my home on the edge of countryside)

seeking to make some verbal music

with some layers of the essayistic kind

(significantly shaped by my studies of Philip Lopate’s glorious pages)

in that it’s attempting to find

the assumptions & open those window blinds,

refine, redefine, revise, clarify the content in the computer files of my mind

& combine-via entwining also with layers of unconfined fictions

(a la Dostoevsky& Musil

but made more freshly

as one might expect of a devoted pupil)

hybrids in spirit modeled off of Philip Schultz’s “novel in verse”—The Wherewithal—

as its presentation stirs my nerves in a way I prefer

such that my verbalized thoughts can create without restrain

(the irony that a tiny dash of confinement

makes for a most logical yet creative environment)

a work of raw verbal art

one can frame upon a page, upon a wall,  

narrated somehow in a most favorable way,

short enough as to prevent an overwhelming tax on your busy day

but long enough to let the mind critically think yet dance & sing

and play make believe

adding to the potential of what the human imagination can conceive

& with that I shall take my leave

Should you wish to further watch, listen, or read my literature

A figurative representation of my signature…

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