Project ideation for improving internet Presence (Sunday, August 23rd, 2020)

I began my first readings on web development/design coding: HTML code, courtesy of the Mimo App. [1]

It did teach certain basics, such as the concepts of “opening tag” and “closing tag”; “element,” “body of a webpage,” “empty tag,” and heading options as well as how to code italics and bold. My only first impression criticism is that I’d have liked a bit more fundamental information elucidating what the internet is and what a website or web page is and THEN how HTML code adds to that.

As much as I have heard basics of the internet here and there since its permeation into our consciousness, culture, economy, et cetera, since I am indeed committed to optimizing my diary blog I want to more fully understand the general internet “environment”/ “society”/ “ecosystem” my diary blog exists within.

Googling research leads me to an interesting Mozilla article. [2] It says:

“too many projects fail not from a lack of technical know-how, but from lack of goals and vision.”

Duly noted.

The article adds:

“So when you get an idea and want to turn it into a website, there are a few questions you should answer before anything else:

“What exactly do I want to accomplish?

“How will a website help me reach my goals?

“What needs to be done, and in what order, to reach my goals?

“All of this is called project ideation and is a necessary first step to reach your goal, whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer.”  

All of this was to gain a more technical understanding, not to dive into coding but for general edification.

That said, perhaps it would not hurt to reiterate why I seek to gain and then employ edification. Furthermore, since I am still in the process of polishing my introductory essay to this diary blog, it would not hurt to put more thought into these most key fundamentals of  “project ideation.”

“What exactly do I want to accomplish?”

  1. Commit to the career of writing and preserving my diaries as well as sharing my diary blog and diary book (keeping a private diary is key to sketching things out, pleasure of basic privacy…) and supplementing basic entries with essays, poem-epigraphs, and shorter annotations (and thus to grow further learn-ed in the genre of the diary and in poetry as is needed to write the best poem-epigraphs, and fiction as needed to help guide my ideal-scene-visualizations)
  2. Make hundreds of millions of dollars in advertisements and sales options (and do so ethically) – For quite some time I’ve felt guilty and ashamed of acknowledging that I’d like to make a fuck load of money but now that’s not what strikes me as ethically problematic but rather that it is DONE or EXECUTED in an ethical fashion that must be kept in mind. Which leads me to point 3:
  3. Focus entries on motif of *self improvement* … the great thing about self improvement as focus/motif is that it is inherently an appreciating/appreciative/i.e., value increasing read and even experience…if indeed done successfully. More specifically, seeking self improvement via both introspecting and extrospecting.  That is to say, first of all, what within myself do I want to improve? Why? And what are the **sources** (much of which of course would have to exist beyond myself and thus necessitate extrospection…self evident perhaps but much is self evident without being realized that it is! Example? Could be as simple as failing to note “what is right in front of you.” Yesterday we drove to Lake Hapotcong. It should have been self evident to ensure that the Google Maps was directing us to a beach/park area where we could walk and enjoy the lake ambiance but I didn’t think of it. I assumed there would be, by virtue of the lake being a lake….some sort of “beach” for people to take in the scene. Not so. And in fact, Google took us down an extremely narrow residential road of rather neglected, old, small shack/bungalow looking homes that was not quite what I had in mind for a drive through am area of aesthetic beauty….)  
  4. Make my blog site aesthetically pleasing and optimize presentation of its literary content and thus learn what is necessary to achieve those means. (For example, my WordPress Theme which for the most part I like confines my tagline to a specific font, but I don’t want that font. I will have to learn HTML or CSS to change it, I think)

I’d like to emphasize that I have no interest in taking the cliché approach of selling people straight forward and strict how-to methodology… “keys to success” and the like.

First of all, I do not possess them. Second of all, too many blogs are “how to” and boast to be THE source of info on X. Third of all, not even my interest. I enjoy the ART, the slow taking in of all this information, how-to, methodology, and applying it personally, and reflecting on that PROCESS.

“I want to be in every way master of myself” as Montaigne says in first paragraph of his essay On Some Lines of Virgil [3]see M. A. Screech Translation/ Penguins Classic edition, page 948.

“If anyone is looking for knowledge let him go where such fish are to be caught: there is nothing I lay claim to less. These are my own thoughts…” [4]Ibid, but from “On Books” page 456.

“From books all I seek is to give myself pleasure by an honorable pastime: or if I do study, I seek only that branch of learning which deals with knowing myself and which teaches me how to live and die well” [5]Ibid., page 459 – but I want to emphasize the living well, thriving, which REQUIRES constant self improvement.

“My judgement is quite content merely to protect itself from confusion and unruliness: as for its weakness, it willingly acknowledges it and avows it. What it thinks it should do is to give a just interpretation of such phenomena as its power of conception presents it with: but they are feeble ones and imperfect” [6]Ibid., page 460

—thus WHY one should constantly strive for self improvement.

Further thoughts on self improvement… my initial attraction to Ayn Rand’s fiction suddenly makes sense again…t’was not so much the attempt at Objectivism and Libertarianism applied to literature that I loved but that Ayn Rand believed in literature, art, aesthetics of essentially outlining what “better” in some holistic-ish context might look like. This explains even more generally my deep love for literature that is especially philosophical (Dostoevsky, Musil, David Foster Wallace, Thomas Mann, Milan Kundera…) . There is a deep connection between philosophy and self-improvement though it may be argued that philosophy serves more so the role of helping us define what qualifies as “improvement” and “why” one should strive for improvement. It remains more theoretical, abstract, and focused on foundation. Self improvement is the concrete process of what was philosophically identified as a thing which SHOULD and COULD  be improved. The actual self improvement is the act, the identifying of what and how and the sharing of the application.

“How will a website help me reach my goals?

Quite simply, just as a book is a print record of a literary project, so a blog can be a digital version of the same. But a blog has a bonus that an e-book, which strives towards mostly the same aim, does  not have…that level of INTERACTION and liberality of its publication…that INTERNET PRESENCE…thus…to give my diary a digital & internet presence…

“What needs to be done, and in what order, to reach my goals?”

Several of the fundamentals are already in play—I have several charts with goals, from the longer term, to the shorter term, with yet smaller broken down goals. I’ve been writing creatively for nearly quarter of a century so learning the craft of writing, in the technical sense, I believe I’ve achieved.  

Learning code as needed and polishing my supplementary pages such as my introduction to the blog are key next steps, along with beginning to conceptualize who out there might enjoy reading this.

I am not entitled to readers and money.

I cannot snap a finger and manipulate people into feeling as though they must read me (unless I were to believe in unethical marketing practices which I do not). I can however “put myself out there” and share in as reasonable a fashion as I know how and learn how. I can “visualize” but I cannot force the vision. I can allow nature to do its thing. One of the more encouraging thoughts that I have in that regard…and this may play to the physics and metaphysics of PERSISTENCE…if I develop enough of an online trail of materials and substance, I speculate that by its sheer magnitude and abundance in contrast to competing trails that do not reflect similar levels of persistence, devotion, et cetera, at least put me on a good theoretical path for literary success in a capitalistic context where I need not “lose my soul.”

Now to the article I had initially intended on [7] – which had referred me to the former.

It links to two vides, one from 2009 and another from 2019…how does a decade of time change the way this basic concept is explained? Second video (the more recent) I prefer because it explains more granularly by describing in fuller detail the light pulses and 01010101 packets … the nature of them…this is perhaps the most mystical and unclear to me….visualizing these light pulses and packets, what they look like in a fuller focus, what they do, et cetera…


3 see M. A. Screech Translation/ Penguins Classic edition, page 948.
4 Ibid, but from “On Books” page 456.
5 Ibid., page 459
6 Ibid., page 460

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