Trying to create a home page with Elementor…(Tuesday, August 18th, 2020)

Yesterday I mentioned how my anxiety often causes me to feel so rushed, so in a hurry and I notice this morning that there is yet more on my list of meaningful things I’ve overlooked. (Reminds me of that line from John Lennon’s song “Mother”: he sings,

Children, Don't do what I have done
I couldn't walk
And I tried to run”

–not the first time I’ve quoted him in reference to my anxious hastiness over the years, especially when discussing my late teens and early twenties when I wanted to excel as though a seasoned, experienced, and wise yet young and thus precocious writer when alas it had more to do with insecurity and anxiety induced cockiness manifesting in the form of failing relationships, poverty, worsened mental illness and such.)

But what I’m getting to is this: when considering my use of WordPress over the last eight years—and all my bemoaning of how no one wants to read poor me– I see my overlooking the valuable step of researching WordPress as an overall organization and how to optimize what it offers its users in the midst of abysmal myopia of frightened urge to know “how to get views” and rich via WordPress. And likewise with the medium of the “blog.” I’ve been blogging for 8 years and yet I don’t know much about the blogging “field,” or industry, or the depths of its technology.

Anxiety is a mean thing for once it crosses certain threshold (unique to each person) it utterly blurs one’s capacity to navigate step by step how to go about things. Thus, I assert here the crucial role of learning poise and focusing less on that brewing fight, freeze, and/or flight and so much more on what’s to be done in life…by done I mean, what actions are to be done, without, all the while, detaching entirely from feelings and thought.

Speaking of all I don’t know about WordPress and the “blogosphere,” add to it basic web design—even the sort of “web design” that can be done with tools for those who don’t know code and other basic web design concepts. I read on multiple articles yesterday (I forget where now) that creating a home page for a blog site is rather widely recommended.

And so I began experimenting with ways to begin creating a home page, alternating between how to use WordPress’s basic customization tools, and the Elementor’s. For some reason, with both, I’ve not figured out how to control the size and location of “blocks” and “sections” to my satisfaction. I spent at least five hours experimenting and to no avail!

Reading the blog post “21 Best Personal Blogs for 2020” by “Monika” [1],of%20them%20are%20really%20funny.)) No last name made easily visible. Just: “Monika An engineer … Continue reading

Monika and her husband Patryk [2]  provide free blog themes for those interested, I see. [3]

Her article gained my attention because she offers her thoughts on blog success and identifies her favorite personal blogs for 2020 thus far.

…Spent day working on experimenting further with the Elementor and trying to learn more: what a section is, the header versus the heading, how to manipulate columns, add and/or delete…et cetera…



No last name made easily visible. Just: “Monika

An engineer who loves design in any form. From graphic designs to interior design and architecture. She designs websites, as well as free WordPress themes. Writes about WordPress to make it easier for others to start. Likes gardening, painting, and of course, loves open source.” ((


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