* “Work” * (Saturday, August 15th, 2020)

Yago received a bunch of vaccinations yesterday

along with oral surgery (one of his bottom mullers was removed)—rabies vaccination, Distemper/Parvo vaccination (“what is Distemper/Parvo?” I wondered. As I read on vetstreet.com [1] “Canine Distemper/Parvo Bordetella and Rabies Vaccine”; no author named, published November 27, 2011 – where I was directed when I landed on an article at herepup.com [2]“The Distemper Parvo Vaccine (A Big Shot ! Why it Matters)”written by Dr. Laura Harris; no date, Leptospirosis (a nasty one I see, as the CDC explains:

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that affects humans and animals. It is caused by bacteria of the genus Leptospira. In humans, it can cause a wide range of symptoms, some of which may be mistaken for other diseases. Some infected persons, however, may have no symptoms at all.

Without treatment, Leptospirosis can lead to kidney damage, meningitis [inflammation of the membrane around the brain and spinal cord], liver failure, respiratory distress, and even death. [3]see the CDC page/article “Leptospirosis”; “Page last reviewed: March 13, 2019”

…Lyme Disease Vaccine-Booster, and Bordetella.

He had a lot done to him yesterday and after the painkiller wore out last night he was shaking and writhing in pain. It was upsetting to see. And I had never actually seen a dog in such pain before. And so I find myself more protective of him, keeping a watchful eye. He does appear much better than last night but he’s still significantly subdued.  

All the procedures together costed $1,687.82. If one wants to care for a dog one’s gotta cough up the dough.

I’m on the lookout for typographical errors throughout this blog site as there’s bound to be plenty.

You could argue that I should just not post stuff until proofed with extremely high confidence the post is polished but because for me nothing ever feels polished it would otherwise, I fear, be dreadfully long before I share a thing. And even then, what are the chances I’d still rearrange this or that? It is the irony of my near pedantry. On the surface, would we not suspect a pedant to move about slowly before doing anything because he or she is lost in fussing to excess over “whatevs’?”

Thinking a lot about the concept of “work.” I suppose my determination to produce, maintain, and ever improve a diary blog has me thinking about it.

The word “work” itself is a loaded one. The Oxford English Dictionary cites over 24 different definitions of “work.” One may say one is “working” towards a goal; nice to see that the television “works,” I did a lot of “work” on the house; she went to “work” yesterday; what’s new? Nothing, just “work”… which “work”–? Writing. Oh no dear, I mean like what do you do for money. Like your “JOB”–?

One family member used to emphasize the difference between being an amateur and a professional, having a job versus a hobby. No matter how experienced and educated you are with n you can only think of it as “work” when it makes you money.

Some used to call me lazy because when I wasn’t in school I was most likely writing and writing was never talked about as a mode of productivity and constructiveness.

Probably was not the best for my already debilitated self-esteem.  

In any event, I think of writing as work, and as a job, and in that context I love my work. Plenty of people do not. I’m exceptionally lucky in that respect, I do believe. You don’t even have to pay me to incentivize to write. I don’t grumble or whine through it. I don’t moan in anticipation of my “break.” There’s very little in life I’d rather do than write creatively. Furthermore, those things that I do enjoy doing at least as much as creatively writing, they inform my writing so even when I’m not writing, I typically am in that I’m taking notes with my small pocket-sized Moleskine notebook in the midst of that or this. (With a few exceptions. I do not, for example, partake in the joys of copulation and pause to jot things down in my notebook.) If I am not taking notes I’m at least thinking about what I’m doing, “abstracting,” typically towards some philosophical and literary essaying. It is as if I cannot help but function by way of essayistic contemplation and mental exploration.

We all think so differently. This is why I love art, and especially literature, the essay, the diary…to opportunity to follow how a person in her or his unique way tends to think—one’s psychological gait, so to speak.  

Anyway, my utter devotional, passionate love for writing is what drives me to do all I can to make it my job that pays the bills, my primary and fundamental WORK. For I love work when it is the specific work I wish to do.

I mentioned briefly a little earlier that many people hate their jobs and hate working in general. How many jobs I do recall where the mantra exchanged between co-workers was “what time you here til?” as if a prison sentence where the sentence dominates one’s thoughts all shift long. I mean, as opposed to going to work for something more than money. I always found it depressing.

And it was, often enough, a striking observation how those who did love or seem to love or at least somewhat like their “job” tended to make more money and have more power than the more miserable workers. And there’s different ways we can look at that, right? We could say that those who love a job naturally ascend and rule the or contribute to the ruling of the work place by virtue of, well, the fact that there was nothing to keep them from trying to shape it to their wishes as to how it should be. This is the more optimistic perspective.

To consider it more pessimistically or note the more negative points….

the lowest paid and least happy.. why do we suppose or how do we suppose they end up in that situation? Often enough they are not sure what else to do work-wise and until they figure it out work the lower paying thankless jobs such as, let us say, cashiering, stocking shelves, cleaning… honorable jobs, mind you! But most of the time people in such jobs 1) don’t get treated well by their employers in general, 2) don’t get paid well, 3) are completely kept out of the politics of the work place regardless of intelligence (unless either they “kiss ass” with passion or do in fact wish to ascend and thus make it their business to become part of the work place politics by sheer force of soul), 4) look depressed.

And factors such as education are not always relevant. I once cashiered with someone who had a Ph.D in entomology but throughout the process of obtaining the doctorate and then exploring the field a bit more ultimately found it unpleasant enough to walk away from not only academia in general but really anything that might be somewhat associated with the field.

Does it not deserve pause and reflection that a Ph.D. indeed does not a career make? Sometimes the trouble has to do with social context but other times it also may be psychological.

To what extent was my fall into poverty and a decade of cashiering the result of my psychological condition at the time of the fall? To what extent would my ascension into the world of good money have much to do with a more considerably optimized psychological state? Hmm…  



1 “Canine Distemper/Parvo Bordetella and Rabies Vaccine”; no author named, published November 27, 2011
2 “The Distemper Parvo Vaccine (A Big Shot ! Why it Matters)”written by Dr. Laura Harris; no date
3 see the CDC page/article “Leptospirosis”; “Page last reviewed: March 13, 2019”

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