Once a lover of sweltering heat, humidity, palm trees, thunderstorms and the sea, now I prefer the freezing cold, blizzards, mountains, hills, meadows and prairies.


The way we can and sometimes do evolve fascinates me- like watching the seasons in temperate climate zones change, watching people age, fire burning wood into ash and smoke.


My tall piles of Ayn Rand books- I now mostly disregard… now the book piles closest to my desk and to my bed include Fyodor Dostoevsky, Marcel Proust, Michel de Montaigne, Elissa Washuta, Simon Ortiz and Denise Levertov.


I no longer knock on doors for Libertarian or Republican candidates; now I donate money to the Democratic ones; I write to and call elected officials.


I spend more time reflecting on the plight of the non-white, heterosexual male.


I learned that eliminating “to be,” “to have,” and other linking verbs improves writing.


If I want to write about something readers might find tedious, like taxes, I may want to include how a given tax policy impacts taxpayers.


I want to be a poet– a prose poet– who writes about things holistically, with a conscience, and embraces brevity/succinctness/compression


My college education has changed me…

Author: Poetry by Sean O'Connor

Hi, I'm Sean. I’m a poet. My favorite poets, my literary role models, are Bob Dylan and John Lennon. Other poets I love include Lord Byron, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Claude McKay, and A.E. Stallings. Sometimes I like to write with a touch of the prosaic in my verses and to that end, the prose writers who most inspire me include Thomas Mann, Phillip Lopate (my favorite essayist), David Foster Wallace, Milan Kundera, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Robert Musil, Susan Sontag, Leslie Jamison, Michel de Montaigne, and Ralph Waldo Emerson, My themes tend towards the philosophical and psychological, exploring the idea of what it might mean and be like to live an ever improving life. I’m currently pursuing my MFA in Creative & Professional Writing at William Paterson University, where I also received my BA in Liberal Studies (with concentrations in Political Science & History). I also work as a writing tutor for Raritan Valley Community College. Aside from my writing, I’m vehemently political, fascinated with human sexuality, open about my polyamory and…I love dogs. My wife and I adopted a Siberian mix from St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in October of 2019.

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